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Discover how Poland is unleashing innovation by fearlessly making bold moves.

The Polish Digital Valley

Poland is primed for success. It has established itself as a thriving hub for technological advancement and innovation, confidently taking the stage in the global tech landscape. So, what’s been their secret to success? Fearlessness when it comes time to act. It’s a dynamic country with a lot to teach us about the transformative potential of embracing change, reinvention, and boldly creating new opportunities.

Joining the team to tap into Poland’s vibrant Cloud Culture is Marta Gasik, a Microsoft Datacenter Lead and Business Strategy Manager based in Warsaw. With Marta’s expertise, we will uncover the essence of Poland’s digital transformation and explore the country’s spirited technology landscape.

Our featured stories

CCC Group

Marta sits down for a conversation with Wojciech Górniak, Group Head of CRM, Head of Data & AI Hub for CCC Group. CCC Group is one of Europe’s largest companies in the footwear sector. It sells nearly 50 million pairs of shoes annually across 1,000 stores in 29 countries.

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CYBER Trainees Project

Corey has a heart-to-heart with Tanya Tkachenko, a Ukrainian refugee and student enrolled in the CYBER Trainees Project. The Cyber Trainees course organized by the Kosciuszko Institute, and financed and supported by Microsoft Philanthropies, is dedicated to both Polish and Ukrainian women.

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Nest Bank

Marta meets up with Karolina Mitraszewska, Chief Operating Officer for Nest Bank. In an industry known more for heavy regulation and rigidity, Nest Bank stands out in its approach to innovation in financial services. This digital-first bank is democratizing ideation in pursuit of happy – and therefore loyal – customers.

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