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The Backbone of Microsoft Cloud: Our Datacenters

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Microsoft Datacenters make up a globally distributed infrastructure designed to power the Microsoft Cloud. This infrastructure brings applications closer to users, preserves data residency, and offers comprehensive compliance and resiliency options for customers while also delivering a secure reliable and sustainable cloud you can trust.

  • 60+ Azure regions

  • 300+ Datacenters worldwide

  • 280k+ Kilometers of network

  • 190+ Network PoPs


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We’re leading a global community committed to reducing energy use, transitioning to a more carbon-neutral grid, and promoting a greener future with sustainable and innovative technologies.

With our plan to be fully on Azure by the end of 2023, we’ll likely achieve savings of 1,194,778 kilograms of CO2 from 2024 onward, which is an approximate 90 percent reduction compared with running all of our infrastructure on-premises.

Mudassar Ulhaq, Chief Information Officer of Waverton Investment Management

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The Microsoft network connects more than 60 datacenter regions, 200 datacenters, 190 points of presence, and over 175,000 miles of terrestrial and subsea fiber worldwide, which connects to the rest of the internet at strategic global edge points of presence.

Ensuring end-to-end reliability and resiliency is a team effort. We get the tools from Azure, and we set up the systems and processes to put it all together.

Tom Harris, Chief Technology Officer of Clear.Bank

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We offer an industry-leading cloud platform with the most comprehensive compliance coverage available today that enables our users to own their data, control it, and choose where it’s located—all backed by in-depth security that keeps their data safe.

We’re seeing a huge benefit in terms of scalability. We build out resources in the cloud as we need them, in a way that would have been impossible in a physical datacenter. We also trust in the security of Azure, which is important for any business site.

Sarah Haywood, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Technology Carlsberg Group

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We are constantly pushing the boundaries of technological advancements to our services and our cloud infrastructure so our users can do more with less.

Only Microsoft offered the proven, cutting-edge technologies and models that have been trained on Microsoft data sets on a very large scale and are available completely disconnected … All of this accelerates our time to market, and that has been the key differentiator for us.

Marcel Rummens, Product Owner of Internal AI Platform

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With 60+ announced regions, more than any other cloud provider, Azure makes it easy to choose the datacenter and regions that are right for you and your customers.

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