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Living in the moment.

Discover how Italy uses technology to elevate everyday moments into powerful feelings.

The Italian Culture

Innovation in Italy is tied to their cultural heritage – drawing inspiration from the past and connecting it to the future. They place great importance on creating stunning products that you don’t just use, you experience. Italy reminds us to consider the beauty of life, the charm of simplicity, and how we can use technology to elevate everyday moments into powerful feelings.

Joining the team to tap into Italy’s vibrant Cloud Culture is Vicky Piria, an Italian GT Championship driver, who uses the latest tech innovations to gain a competitive advantage on the track. With Vicky’s curiosity, we will travel around the country to talk with the people and companies driving the cloud culture here.

Our featured stories


Corey connects with Edoardo Zegna, Chief Marketing, Digital, and Sustainability Officer at Zegna. Zegna is internationally recognized as a leading global luxury menswear brand who built their reputation on high-quality fabrics, particularly cashmere and wool, and a refined expression of elegance for men. The company’s ZENGA X system accelerates their commitment to meet the needs of their clients where they live – which is more and more in the digital domain.

Read our customer story on Zegna and discover how they are personalizing the shopping experience using the cloud.


Corey sits down with Alessandro Piscicelli, Chief Information Officer, and Mario Giorgioni, Information Technology Specialist, of CREA – Council for Agricultural Research and Economics. CREA is strongly committed to obtaining quality and healthy food to bring to the table of Italians. They discuss the main impact of agriculture, on food, and how the cloud has helped with the immense amount of research data gets analyzed.

Lavazza Group

Vicky meets up with Fabio Rangaioli, Information Technology Global Director at Lavazza Group. Lavazza is a leading manufacturer of coffee products, based in Turin. Since their start in 1895, Lavazza has grown their business from a single coffee shop to now more than 140 countries worldwide, with over 30 billion cups of Lavazza coffee produced every year. They discuss how Lavazza is improving the coffee experience, using the cloud, to make the perfect cup of coffee.

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