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Explore new possibilities and perspectives in Sweden, where changemakers embrace holistic approaches to drive innovation at scale .

The Swedish Culture 

For Sweden, success knows no borders. Despite being one of the largest countries in Europe by landmass, it’s one of the smallest in population – a dichotomy that forces Sweden’s ambitious entrepreneurs to adopt a global-first mindset from day one. This outlook, along with the nation’s long-standing focus on education and research, is fueling the country’s astonishing capacity for innovation. 

Joining the team to tap into Sweden’s vibrant Cloud Culture is Asbjorn Ejsing, a Microsoft Datacenter Lead and Director for Cloud Sweden, based in Stockholm. With Asbjorn’s expertise, we will uncover the essence of Sweden’s digital transformation and explore the country’s dynamic technology landscape. 

Our featured stories


Asbjorn connects with Daniel Lundh, Chief Executive Officer at Storekey. Storekey is a Stockholm-based startup that provides a platform to bring autonomous technology and the benefits of e-commerce to physical stores. 


Asbjorn sits down with Stephan Erne, Chief Digital Officer of Handelsbanken, to discuss the importance of trust and security in the banking industry. Handelsbanken is one of the Sweden’s largest banks, providing universal banking services through a nationwide branch of networks in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. 


Asbjorn meets up with Nima Ghorbani, Head of Technology, Financial Crime, Cyber Security and Applied AI at Swedbank. Swedbank is a multinational bank, based in Stockholm, who saw the flexibility and scalability of the cloud as a way to innovate by using AI and machine learning to enhance security measures to protect against criminal activities such as bank fraud. 

Read our customer story on Swedbank and discover how they are adopting a cloud-first approach to fraud detection. 


Corey joins Annika Ramsköld, Vice President for Corporate Sustainability at Vattenfall, an energy company making waves with its commitment to a fossil-free future. Vattenfall is 100-percent owned by the Swedish state and is one of Europe’s largest producers of electricity and heat. 

Read our customer story on Vattenfall and learn how they are improving the customer experience while supporting net zero. 

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